The Best Above Ground Pool Covers - How To Choose And Protect

The Best Above Ground Pool Covers – How To Choose And Protect

When summer is over and winter begins to settle in, it will be necessary to choose from the many above ground pool covers that are available. Pool covers for above ground pools help to prevent snow and dirt from entering the water during winter. There are various options available for different sizes and shapes. Selecting the correct above ground pool winter covers will protect the pool and make opening it much simpler.

A person will want to choose above ground pool covers that are durable and come with reinforced grommets. Other items allow the covers to get tied with straps or cables to keep them from moving. When a strong storm or wind approaches, the above ground pool covers will not blow away. There are a few different winter pool covers above ground options.

The first type of winter pool cover is solid. This will prevent leaves and other dirt from accumulating inside the pool water. It will also block sunlight from entering as well. This will keep harmful UV rays from penetrating and causing a chemical breakdown. It will also discourage the growth of algae when spring approaches.

The Best Above Ground Pool Covers
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The next type of cover is made from mesh. Mesh above ground pool covers are ideal choices for people who do not want to have to deal with water building up. Mesh covers will let melted snow or rain to go through. This will avoid the need to remove the water from the top of the cover. On the negative side, this type of cover will allow the sun’s rays to get through. This means that algae is likely to develop as the weather gets warmer. However, closing the pool in late fall and opening it early in spring will help to avoid green water. This will also save some money on chemicals.

Certain above ground pools can even use a safety cover. This type of cover latches down similar to a drum. The water becomes worry free as leaves and other dirt simply blow away. When installed correctly, this cover becomes completely safe so that children and pets cannot accidentally fall in and get hurt. This cover takes little time to open and close the pool.

After a person determines what kind of cover will be most beneficial, it will be necessary to select the correct cover for the right pool model. During the summer months, a person will use the thinnest cover called a solar blanket. This cover usually comes in a blue or clear color. Above ground pool covers for the winter season come in four grades. These include bronze, silver, gold, and ArmorKote. Each grade will have a different thickness and warranty. The bronze cover will be the least thick and have the lowest warranty. The ArmorKote will offer the thickest protection and longest warranty.

Learning how to protect a winter pool cover is essential to save money on replacements. It will also properly protect the pool as well. The best way to get rid of ice from a cover is to wait until it melts. Sharp corners may cause rips or tears. When water is present on the cover, a person can use a pump to remove it. The best way to protect a pool cover from wind damage is to make sure that all cables are tight and secure. There are pool clips that can be used to attach the cover to the railing. This will keep the cover from blowing off.

How To Choose And Protect
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Choosing the best above ground pool covers will be extremely important. Winter pool covers prevent the pool from becoming damaged. Understanding individual needs and size is essential. Certain people will only need temporary protection from leaves and dirt. Other people may want to maintain the water temperature. The above information should be helpful in the final decision.

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