4 Tips To Keep Your Area Rug In Top Form

4 Tips To Keep Your Area Rug In Top Form

You’ve found the perfect rug: the design complements your decor perfectly, it’s just the right size, and it’s within your budget. You want to keep such an investment in the best possible conditions for a long time, right? Taking proper care of your rug is important to keep it looking its best. A worn-down, dirty rug could transform a cozy room into an unwelcoming, uncomfortable place. Fortunately, rugs are easy to care for. Keep in mind the following tips and keep your rugs in great shape for many years to come.

Routine Cleaning

There are a few ways to keep your rug clean. You can take off grime and dirt with carpet sweeper or a brush, or you can take them outside and shake them. If you vacuum your carpet make sure it doesn’t have a beater bar, which can damage the rug. Similarly, your vacuum may have a rug setting that prevents the beaters from working and degrading the material. Clean your rugs every three to four weeks, depending on the traffic of the room. Since vacuums might miss hair (human as well as pet hair), you might want to brush the rug regularly in the same direction as the tread to remove the hairs. Also, it’s a good idea to use pads underneath the rugs to prevent color transfer, slipping, and possible damage to the floors.


sheding carpet
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It’s normal for synthetic and wool pile rugs to shed, or lose short fibers over time. This fluff results from the cutting of the pile to a certain height during the production process. Depending on the materials and their quality and age, pile height, and density, some might shed more than others. Some rugs sprout from the over-twisting of the yarns. This twisting gives the rug its desired texture, but sometimes a yarn tuft sprouts above the surface. This is also a common problem, but just cutting the sprout can solve it. However, don’t pull on it, as it can damage the rug.

Specialty Care

For some rugs, basic care might fall short eventually. Make sure you keep the tags on your area rug or file them for future reference. If your area rugs don’t come with care instruction, you can follow some universal cleaning methods by clicking here.

Deep Cleaning

To keep your area rug in the best condition, you’ll also need to deep clean it once a year. Read the label for instruction on how to clean your rug. If you don’t have the instructions, you can test commercial cleaning products on a small section of your rug. Do make sure the product is appropriate for the material of your rug. To do this, place the wet carpet over a flat surface, clean it with the product, rinse and let it dry, and vacuum after it’s dried.

Deep Cleaning
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Keeping your area rugs in top form is simple, and it can save you money in the long term since it prevents damage to the rug. You can keep it looking great for years by cleaning it regularly, following the instructions on the tag, and scheduling a deep clean every year.

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